Wall Panel Systems

Wall Panel Systems (WPS) specializes in the design and development of extrusions for the construction industry. WPS provides a complete interior solution with a range of support services including design assistance, on-site training, shop drawing preparation, estimating and take-offs, and panel fabrication. Click here to view project profiles using Wall Panel Systems.

Benefits of Wall Panel Systems

  1. Ability to keep all the panel intersections flush without excessive shimming from the installer.
  2. Continuous horizontal joint that links in panels on both sides of the intersection.
  3. Vertical spline that is kerfed into the vertical joints which forces the panels flush.
  4. Versatility: system can be used on flat walls, radius walls, ceilings, columns and even reception desks.
  5. Variety of material choices: heavy phenolic panels, wood veneers, metal panels, and various printed patterns.

The creators of WPS bring years of experience as installers; therefore, WPS was truly created with the installer in mind. During this time Trespa was in need of a good system that would support their durable panels, so WPS tailored their system around these heavy duty panels.

System Features:

  • The edges, vertical and horizontal joints, and outside corners for the Captured, Open Reveal and Shadowline systems are interchangeable – offering the designer great flexibility and additional options.
  • The systems are designed to keep all the panels on the same plane without shimming. All clips and extrusions interlock, guiding the panels into position and remaining flush with the extrusion.
  • The flexibility of the systems makes them perfect for use with wall cladding, wainscoting, columns and ceilings. Radius wall details are also in development.
  • All extrusions and clips are made of durable aluminum and, in combination with Trespa panels, are well suited for high-traffic areas like airports, elevator lobbies and medical corridors.

Guide Specifications:

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