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Trespa Interior Panels

Trespa Interior Phenolic Panels

We are proud to offer solid composite interior grade panels by Trespa™. Trespa Virtuon® and Athlon® panels can be used for a variety of interior uses including interior wall panels, casework, countertops, toilet partitions and lockers. Click here to view project profiles using Trespa™ Interior Panels.

Benefits of Trespa™ Interior Panels

  1. Graffiti Resistant & Easy to Clean
  2. Extremely Impact Resistant
  3. Design Flexibility
  4. Environmentally Sustainable
  5. Indoor Air Quality
  6. Non-Porous and Bacteria Resistant
  7. Chemical Resistant
  8. Code Compliance
  9. Easy to Work with
  10. 10 year warranty
  11. High Flexural and Tensile Strength
  12. Greenguard Certified

Trespa offers two great products for interior panels:

Virtuon is a self supporting panel for interior applications, based on thermo-setting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibers and manufactured under high pressure and high temperature. The Virtuon surface utilizes a patented technology (Electron Beam Curing) that binds the molecules on the surface creating an exceptionally hygienic and non-porous panel. The practical aspects of Trespa Virtuon make it ideal for high-traffic applications. Trespa Virtuon is available in two color collections, solid uni-colors and rich dynamic metallic.

Virtuon Applications:

  • Wall cladding
  • Restroom and sanitary partitions
  • Lockers
  • Crash rails and wainscotings
  • Clean rooms
  • Displays and signage
  • Decorative accent panels

Athlon is a flat panel based on thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibers and manufactured under high pressure and temperature. Using special techniques, the panels have an integrated, decorative surface with melamine-impregnated paper. Trespa Athlon is available in over 70 colors and patterns.

Athlon Applications:

  • Wall lining and wall protection
  • Cubicles and lockers
  • Laboratory and hospital furniture
  • Office and contract furniture
  • Cabinets and fixtures

Guide Specifications:

PDF's for Download: