KOL High-Density Fiber Cement

KOL is a premier manufacturer of through colored high-density fiber-cement façade panels. Durable, sustainable, energy-efficient, long-lasting; the characteristics of the raw materials and pigments of KOL panels allow for subtle natural variations in tonality and texture.

Benefits of Trespa Meteon Panels:

  1. Available in a variety of colors for unlimited creative expression
  2. Multiple finishes and textures
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Fire-resistant, per CAN/ULC S114-05 and ASTM E136
  5. Available in multiple panel sizes and can be fabricated on site

KØL is offered in 1250mm x 2500mm (49.21” x 98.42”) and 1250mm x 3050mm (49.21” x 120.07”) panel sizes which can be fabricated on the construction site with standard hand tools or in a shop with CNC equipment.


  • Façade Cladding: More specifically, rain screen façade cladding on new and refurbished buildings.
  • Interior wall panels, casework, countertops, toilet partitions and lockers are also common applications for specifying KOL panels when durability is needed.

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Trespa Meteon

Trespa is the worlds’ largest manufacturer of phenolic panels. The superior construction and materials used in these systems make it adaptable to all types of facilities.   Trespa has unique characteristics, which allow it to be worked like a hardwood, with exceptional screw holding strength, yet extremely resistant to graffiti, vandalism and moisture. Click here to view project profiles using Trespa Meteon phenolic panels.

Benefits of Trespa Meteon Panels

Weather and impact resistant

Very easy to clean due to the closed structure; dirt does not cling

Available in over 100 colors including wood grains

Available in three finishes: satin, gloss, or rock textured

Meteon is a complete system supplying the attaching channels, fasteners, shop drawings, and information needed for your engineering calculations

ICBO certified

Multi-story fire tested and approved

Contributes to LEED credits

Trespa Meteon is a flat panel based thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibers and manufactured under high pressure and temperature. Using special techniques, the panels have an integrated, decorative surface with pigmented resins. These resins are cured using patented technology (Electron Beam Curing) which was developed by Trespa International B.V. The resultant properties make the product particularly suitable for a wide range of exterior applications.


Façade Cladding: More specifically, drained and back-ventilated rain screen façade cladding on new and refurbished buildings.

Exterior cladding systems: The long life cycle and low maintenance of Trespa Meteon® makes the panel material ideal for long term projects. Trespa North America provides cladding solutions with TS110; our exposed fastener system, and TS210; our concealed fastening system.

Soffits: Extensive color choice and easy workability of the material make Trespa Meteon® an ideal choice for soffits.

Balcony panels and balustrades: Wherever there is a requirement for aesthetic qualities and high impact resistance, Trespa Meteon® clearly has the advantage.

Urban Furniture: Outdoor furniture, kiosks and the like invite graffiti and vandalism. This is where the easy-to-clean surface and high impact resistance of Trespa Meteon® really come to play.

Signage: Trespa Meteon® is so easy to machine it makes an ideal material for signage. The workability allows lettering to be affixed or etched onto the panel.

Sandwich Panels: Meteon provides high rigidity and impact resistance, and when combined with the light weight attribute of the product, is ideal for sandwich panels, infill panels, and curtain walling.

Interior wall panels, casework, countertops, toilet partitions and lockers are also common applications for specifying Trespa panels when durability is needed.

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