Corian Exterior Cladding 

Created to offer a higher performance alternative to conventional surfacing materials, Corian has now emerged as a versatile and beautiful cladding solution for buildings. Corian External Cladding makes a smart choice for panelized facade systems. Solid, homogenous, and colored all the way through, Corian EC consists of custom-made panels capable of creating expansive and sleek verticle surfaces with inconspicuous seams, Inspiring decorative options are also possible, from 3D-textured effects and CNC pattern cutting, to curves, inlays, and dramatic lighting effects. 

Benefits of Corian Exterior Cladding:

  • Great resistance to impact, humidity, salt fog, sulfur dioxide (SO2), fungi and bacteria
  • Will not delaminate nor decomposeAvailable in a variety of colors for unlimited creative expression
  • Lightweight for reduced structural load
  • Compatibility with typical building components, structural silicone and sealants
  • Low flame spread and smoke generation
  • UV stable colors with excellent colorfastness available
  • Resistant to bulk water absorption
  • Excellent freeze-thaw resistance and resistance to chemicals, detergents and environmental pollutants
  • Ventilated facade allows for thicker insulation and therefore may lower energy costs
  • There are no pores to trap dirt
  • Neither the surface nor the edges need to be sealed, painted or protected
  • Colors run through the entire thickness and cannot wear away or delaminate, making the product inherently robust


Large panels

Large panels can be easily built up by adhering standard panels with inconspicuous, reinforced seams. The main limitations are the ability of the substructure to accommodate movement due to thermal expansion, the weight capacity of the mounting system, and the necessary expansion gaps (revealed or open joint designs). The maximum dimensions are typically governed by the capability of the design to accommodate the anticipated thermal movement. Colors run through the entire thickness, so edges are the same color as the rest of the sheet, and revealed joints will show no black gaps.

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Trespa Meteon

Trespa is the worlds’ largest manufacturer of phenolic panels. The superior construction and materials used in these systems make it adaptable to all types of facilities.   Trespa has unique characteristics, which allow it to be worked like a hardwood, with exceptional screw holding strength, yet extremely resistant to graffiti, vandalism and moisture. Click here to view project profiles using Trespa Meteon phenolic panels.

Benefits of Trespa Meteon Panels

Weather and impact resistant

Very easy to clean due to the closed structure; dirt does not cling

Available in over 100 colors including wood grains

Available in three finishes: satin, gloss, or rock textured

Meteon is a complete system supplying the attaching channels, fasteners, shop drawings, and information needed for your engineering calculations

ICBO certified

Multi-story fire tested and approved

Contributes to LEED credits