Canopy & Balcony Panels

Moxie Surfaces develops optically appealing sandwich panels from UV-hardened materials and UV-stable adhesives, providing guaranteed long-term assurance. The honeycomb structure is of particular value for lighting from the rear or sunlight incursions. The outstanding thermal insulation values are a further convincing criterion. Full freedom of design with special edge closures tested by us, load-bearing external walls, point bracket-mounted facades, canopy roofs or balcony paneling.


big levitt1

Levitt Goodman Office
Toronto, Canada
Product: clear-PEP® color green

big levitt2
big bakery1

Bakery Stand Canopies
Vienna, Austria
Product: clear-PEP® PC satin twin color

big bakery2
big baumgartner1

Baumgartner Curtain Wall
Product: clear-PEP® UV PC

big baumgartner2
big Interlux1

Interlux Canopy over Entrance
Horsching, Austria
Product: clear-PEP® color dark blue

big stvalentin1

St. Valentin Residence St.
Valentin, Austria
Product: clear-PEP® UV satin opal

big stvalentin2
big steinkellner1

Steinkellner Car Wash
Steinkellner, Austria
Product: clear-PEP® UV PC 20

big steinkellner2
big gschwend1

Gschwend Office Canopy
Gschwend, Switzerland
Product: clear-PEP® UV PC 20

big gschwend2

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