Serving the construction industry for over 100 years with

“Quality Products and Quality Service”

How it all started

In 1907, William Hamilton Steele started a business in Los Angeles representing high- end architectural products, including Von Duprin exit devices. The business grew and developed a great reputation for high quality, spec-driven architectural products.

In 1979, Greg McAloney (current owner) joined W.H. Steele, following the footsteps of his grandfather and father. In 1994, the company split into three separate companies: an independent spec writing firm, a warehouse operation, and a rep agency which is the current W.H. Steele. Greg McAloney owns W.H. Steele and stayed committed to representing specification driven and high-end architectural products. As Von Duprin and the related Ingersoll Rand hardware companies went direct in place of using reps, Greg began looking for other products and started representing Trespa in 1998.

The new millennium

In 2000, Trespa introduced exterior products and W.H. Steele began focusing more on building envelope products. In 2007, WH Steele celebrated 100 years and at the same time, McAloney decided it was time to move into a new building offering clients an opportunity to experience the products that they represent. The new showroom now offers:

  • Interior wall panels and trim options
  • Exterior wall facades and water barrier
  • Window and penetration flashing
  • Cabinets, casework and counter tops
  • Lockers and toilet partitions
  • Architectural baby changing stations

W.H. Steele’s warehouse maintains a complete inventory of the VaproShield breathable water barrier products for use with any ventilated rain-screen facade project. VaproShield is recommended by most of the rain-screen manufacturers, and W.H. Steele offers job-site assistance to ensure with installations.