Water Resistive Barrier, VaproShield

We are proud to offer innovative moisture barrier systems by VaproShield™. WrapShield™, WrapShield Self-Adhered (SA), and WallShield® offer state of the art moisture protection for your exterior building envelope and can be used in a variety of construction applications.

Benefits of WrapShield and WallShield:

  1. Installed cost is up to 20% less than other roof, wall and window wrap systems.
  2. Allows water vapor to escape significantly faster than the next leading product!
  3. Simply staples to OSB, plywood and gypsum sheathing.
  4. Allows gypsum and wood sheathing to rapidly dry out both during and after construction (no sheating necessary).
  5. Custom corners and flashing staple around window openings (replaces peel and stick).
  6. Can stay exposed to direct sunlight and weather for up to 8 months
  7. Difficult to rip, puncture or tear during and after application, reducing repair and labor costs.
  8. Reduces liability concerns on your project.
  9. Compatible with most building materials including cedar and concrete.
  10. Twenty (20) year warranty
  11. The VaproShield system is UV stable, specifically designed for open joint façade systems.
  12. VaproShield membranes are self-cinching around screws and staples minimizing the need for sealants.
  13. Use of VaproShield materials contributes to LEED points.

Due to its unique vapor permeability, WrapShield™ offers a better solution than conventional methods such as building paper or Tyvek® or building wraps that do not breathe. WrapShield™ allows interior vapor to escape the building, while keeping exterior moisture out, thus reducing moisture problems in cavity walls. In addition WrapShield™ flashing systems can replace costly plastic and self-adhering window wraps. WrapShield has been tested as a Type I and II air barrier and air retarder. It has a permeability rating of 50.

WrapShield SA (Self-Adhered) combines the best properties of a vapor permeable membrane and an air barrier in one innovative, affordable self-adhering product. It fully bonds (no mechanical attachment) to almost any substrate for air tightness and ease of installation, requiring minimal use of sealants or tapes.

WrapShield SA (Self-Adhered) air barrier prevents lateral air movement enhancing building thermal performance and with a rating of 50 perms, provides the highest vapor permeability in a commercial quality, self-adhered, air barrier breather membrane.

WallShield® offers an even higher permeability than WrapShield, four times more. WallShield's high permeability is essential for moist climates such as along the coast and for retrofit projects where the interior vapor barrier has been compromised. WallShield allows wet walls to dry out extremely fast during construction and for the life of the building.

Combined, WrapShield™ and WallShield® provide a complete range of solutions for your projects. Similar to Gore-Tex® they allow water vapor to escape from the interior of the building, but hold water out.

To prevent water damage to windowsills please review our SillSaver brochure. SillSaver protects your framing from rot at half the cost of welded metal sill pans.

Continuing Education

Learn more about VaproShield's continuing education course, Rain Screen Design Solutions for the Building Envelope. The course if free, provides AIA and state credit and qualifies for HSW.

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